Intercon Marine Inc. - Rigging & Ship Repair Services
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At Intercon Marine, we offer clients a comprehensive range of services provided by a highly-experienced team. Our clients know they can rely on Intercon Marine to get the job done right, no matter what the challenge or location, from servicing Canadian Navy, Coast Guard, and Foreign Cargo Ships to various marine and non-marine projects throughout BC, NWT and the Yukon. We pride ourselves on delivering safety, quality and innovation to the highest standards of our industry.


Dry-dock, dockside and on-route ship repair and maintenance
Sand blasting and coatings
Steel fabricating and repairs
Heavy-lift hoisting up to 150 tonnes (EGD)
Deep sea moorage
Compartment strip out and extractions of engines, tanks, generators and more
Custom certified tank cleaning
Removal and installation of anchors, cables, rudders, props and tail shafts
Crane trucks: one @ 10 ton, one @ 9 ton
150-ton level luffing crane, 44-ton hammer head, 30-ton level luffing crane and an assortment of mobile units are also available
Lifting appliance testing & certification, including on-location proof testing and reverse engineering if required
State-of-the-art computerized test bed with 300,000 lb. capacity (300,000 lb “existing structure” load-cell goes to 750,000 lbs)
Ship incline tests
Professional and marine engineering
complete project management.
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